Although our investment in technology has shown many benefits throughout other aspects of our business, it is within our refrigerated trucking services that it is really evident. Thanks to utilizing the latest in reefer technology, we are able to review, reset, and change the temperature of any one of our trailers from our office. We are also able to monitor the fuel level in each reefer to ensure any trailer waiting to be unloaded will be able to run at your required temperature levels at all times. Along with our ability to directly monitor things, if there are any issues with our fleet, alarm codes are sent via email to our dispatch and maintenance team to notify us immediately.

This technology is another critical piece of how we maintain our business advantage, and it proves a clear demonstration of our commitment to quality service. We understand how important it is for us to not only be able to inform you where your product is at all times, but whether or not the temperature and other conditions meet your specifications as well.