Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Limited was founded in 1973 by its current president/owner, Jack Kelly. To this day, we remain a family business with Jack and his two sons filling key positions within the company.

The Fuel to Start

In the beginning, Bulk Carriers was a one truck operation focusing its resources on the hauling of bulk petroleum throughout Prince Edward Island for Gulf Canada. From there, the company expanded into the hauling of liquid asphalt.

During the 1990’s, the asphalt tanker business was growing while the light petroleum business was slipping away due to changes in the oil industry. As a result, we realized that a new direction was required. Along with shifting our product focus, we knew that the new direction had to also be one that allowed us to control our day-to-day operations, unlike the asphalt business, which was seasonal, dependent on weather, and reactive to demand for equipment.

Thus, by the late 1990’s, we had diversified into long haul refrigerated transport, and we have concentrated on this market ever since. Operations have expanded steadily since 2000. Currently, the company has a large number of trucks and trailers, and our dispatch/office staff continually grows in order to manage our increasing sales volume.

Establishing Our Expertise

With the right equipment and experienced staff, we have proven time and time again that we can reliably meet the needs of all of our customers, even if the circumstances are out of the ordinary. One of the best examples of this was our involvement with the construction of the Confederation Bridge between PEI and New Brunswick.

In this case, we were required to transport asphalt cement from Montreal, Quebec to Borden, PEI. More specifically, we had to ensure that the cement maintained a temperature of at least 250 degrees celsius in the middle of winter to ensure it was usable for the project.

Our successful completion of this project is not only a source of pride due to the importance of the bridge to the region, it has also led to several other contracts throughout Atlantic Canada.